Three Car Accident On Polpis Road Leaves Three People Injured

David Creed •

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The Nantucket Fire and Nantucket Police Departments quickly dispatched personnel to an area along Polpis Road Tuesday evening following the report of a motor vehicle accident.

Upon arrival, it was originally reported by the NFD to be a two car accident before being quickly elevated to three cars over radio transmissions when a third vehicle was discovered about 300-400 feet up the road attempting to flee the scene. The vehicle didn't make it far - with at least one tire completely destroyed - and pulled to the side of the road before being confronted by NPD officers.

A witness, Halsey Beard, described to the Current how the accident unfolded.

"So we were on Polpis Road going (east) towards Great Point while the Grand Cherokee was in front of us and the Wrangler and the van were on the other side of the road coming at us," Beard said. "The van, which was in front of the Wrangler decides to slam into the Cherokee causing it to go straight into the Wrangler and causing the Wrangler to flip while the van takes off 400 yards the other way."

Three people needed to be transported to the Nantucket Cottage Hospital, and heavy rescue was later called to respond to the scene. A Massachusetts State Police trooper was also on scene. The portion of Polpis Road was completely closed off to vehicle traffic coming from both directions. NFD sent out several messages over their radio transmissions requesting all members to respond to the wreckage.

The scene took approximately 90 minutes to clear with debris scattered across the street. All three vehicles involved in the crash were towed by Nantucket Auto Body.

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