Chris Perry Column: Thankfully, The C.C.C. Index Has Remained Steady

Chris Perry •

It’s Hump Day.

For many, it’s just another Wednesday in a long line of Wednesdays blurred together with the weekend within reach.

But out here on Nantucket, today’s Hump Day is particularly meaningful as we are roughly halfway through the summer season. With traditional, summer season-ending events such as the Opera House Cup and the Boys & Girl’s Club fundraiser on the horizon, it won’t be long before the college crowd heads back to school and the ferry gets bombarded with SUVs bound for NY, CT, NJ and beyond.

However, I am not quite ready to give up my summer swing just yet. So, with that in mind, I thought I would pass along an update on a few individuals who have passed through some of my previous columns and offer up a couple of general comments about summer ’23.

“Last Line of Defense”: Elmena, Patience, Valerie and Rose remain on guard for Waste Options. Unfortunately, that does not necessarily translate into better behavior at the Madaket Road landfill facility this summer.

“For a short time, things did get better in the spring. Customers were actually thankful and listening more. Now, look at this. I am standing right next to the chute that clearly reads ‘No Plastic Bags’ and this guy throws a plastic bag right by my face and walks away”, said Rose frustrated with the callous behavior.

I guess it’s “back to normal…”

IMG 1850

Looking over at the Town’s expanding Take It Or Leave It operation now complete with a porta-pod and looking more like a tent city, you can’t help but to feel for the Waste Options crew who simply want to survive their shift without being abused.

The Take It or Leave It section is run separately by the town of Nantucket and, quite frankly, some of the items dropped off could give Rafael Osona a run for his money. As I pointed out in my earlier column, we are all a little guilty of being Level One Offenders at the landfill facility. But to those Level Four Offenders who are routinely hostile, you need to cut this crew a break.

“Post Mistress”: Sad news for some in ‘Sconset and 02564…

Rumor has it that ‘Sconset will be losing its Post Mistress. The days of Juleanna Schultz, who has capably sorted the Sconset Post Office outpost, appear to be numbered.

IMG 2369

Thankfully, she is not being transferred or reassigned and it seems Juleanne will be staying on the island. But from a very reliable source who swims fast, bikes faster, then runs even faster and who smoked the Nantucket Triathlon field two weeks ago, Sconset’s “Post Mistress” may soon be ‘Sconset’s “Post Mrs.”

Who will replace The Revivalists at The Box?

Place your bets on Brannigan & Corper. The 2023 best summer gig on the island goes to Merrick Brannigan and Cole Corper who have been performing around the island including Saturday mornings at Nantucket’s Farmer’s Market in town. 

IMG 2342
Merrick Brannigan and Cole Corper

Merrick, who is 15, works at Strong Wings and attends Tabor Academy in Marion, MA, and Cole, who is 16 from NY and works at Corner Table, have attracted large crowds at the festive outdoor market including The Hulk & Vito Capizzo pictured next to Merrick. “Little Vito” is the grandson of Nantucket’s legendary athletic director and football coach, Vito Capizzo and The Hulk is...well, The Hulk.

“A Lot of Man”: Nantucket’s Nick Correia headed back to the URI campus last week for his final season and the start of football camp. The Nantucket High School grad spent most of his summer in Tampa, FL at an elite sports facility where he worked on his quickness and strength. Dropping a few pounds from his listed 335 pounds but still standing tall at 6’ 6’’, the massive offensive lineman still has his eye on the NFL draft next spring and he hasn’t lost sight of “some unfinished business against UNH on 10/28.”

While Nicky’s parents, Mark and Karen Correia, make travel arrangements to attend his first game in Atlanta, GA on Aug. 31st, the star player continues to secure several pre-season honors including Phil Steel’s All-CAA All-American 1st team, FCS All-American 1st team, CAA preseason All-Conference team, All-American by Hero Sports and perhaps one of the most prestigious honors - an invitation to play in the 2023-24 East-West Shrine all-star game slated for Texas Stadium in Dallas, TX.

Like a proud dad and with a tip of the hat to all the teachers out there, Mark was quick to point out that “Nicky made honor roll last semester at URI.”

One of this summer’s most irritating trends is the ever-changing, unwritten rules regarding tipping. This is not a comment on the huge slice of Nantucket’s workforce that deservedly rely on tipping as a primary source of income. At the top of the list are the waiters, wait staff, bartenders, bar backs etc. who generally get paid the minimum then count on tips to survive. Like the restaurant business, there are many others who fall into this category.

Generally, I try to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps. A man of few words, he liked to generously tip individuals who labored with their hands and unselfishly gave more to society than they took back. As my grandfather used to remind us: “They deserve it more than me...”

IMG 2190

But there’s something “awkward” when someone flips over the Clover tablet and spins it around in your face looking for a tip starting at 18 percent to 25 percent before the order has even been placed.

Additionally, I guess I did not get the memo but I get all confused at Nantucket Meat & Fish Market. I donate to their clear tip jar at the coffee counter for brewing my tea or making a sandwich. Hopefully, when they are forced to craft a takeout order of a double cappuccino with almond milk, shot of hazelnut, whipped cream, no sugar (“watching my weight…”) no plastic lid and a large Chai Latte with peppermint, 1/2 milk and 1/2 soy, plus three sugars compliments of Karen and Chad, they are handsomely tipped too. But when they are charging $199.99 / lb. for Wagyu Kagoshima Ribeye then look for a tip at the checkout line register, the steak may taste good but that’s in poor taste.

Speaking of markets and arm stands, kudos to Bartlett Farms for being fully transparent and acknowledging the island’s “worm issue.” In Bartlett’s efforts to embrace more organic farming, one by-product of using less pesticides is more invertebrates. Add to that a summer of unseasonably hot and humid weather and you get an uptick in activity.

No worries… corn may be exchanged.

Congrats to Tom and Nick who did something for the first time on Nantucket in 100 years. According to Sconset Golf manager and pro Dylan Terino, Tom Schultz won ‘Sconset Golf men’s member championship with a tidy 37-35 and Nick Dean won the club’s net men’s championship with a solid 39-37. While there have been other tournaments held at “Skinner’s” (i.e. Skinner’s Open) over the last 100 years, this was the first time since 1923 that Sconset Golf held a “true” Member’s Club Championship.

IMG 2356

The boisterous Writer’s Guild of America striking on Nantucket just seems out of place to me. If they wanted to make a huge statement, the Film Festival was the time and place. Now, it just seems more like a publicity stunt with their actions having little to no effect.

IMG 2319

And finally…

“It’s All About Aisle 10”: Historically, Nantucket has had numerous indexes that consumers can follow in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve. Just look around the island - the luxury of having so many “tools” at one’s disposal has created tremendous wealth.

For example, many investors routinely calculate the R.O.I. before pulling the trigger. Personally, I follow the L.R.I. (Lobster Roll Index) presently holding firm at $49 at both CRU and The Galley Beach restaurant.

At the end of the day, my investment portfolio is based on an additional index strategy. As I have written about in the past, it’s all about the C.C.C.I. (Cape Cod Chip Index). And, I am happy to report that the Triple C Index remains steady at Stop & Shop: two bags for $7.00.

Even John Trudell would agree: It’s a good time to buy!

Enjoy Hump Day.

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